Advanced Chrome Spray Systems & Services

Applied on Glass, Metals, Fiber Glass, Ceramics, Plastics, Polystyrene and even Wood

CHROME IT is a revolutionary hybrid set of three coatings that uses both conventional HVLP paint guns as well as the proprietary CHROME IT system to apply a chrome finish on nearly any material! If you are looking for a chrome coating this is probably the most important page you will ever read! In searching for this product you should make sure that:

  • It has a technology allowing to get CHROME EFFECT on surface impossible to be Chromed by traditional technologies (Silver plating and Vacuum systems)
  • It has a high covering power, giving you a 100% mirror-like look.
  • It can be applied to any surface.
  • It has a lasting effect and weather resistant.
  • It is easy enough to apply.

(We guarantee that our chrome product will not yellow, grey or orange peel!!!) Are you wondering if products with these features do exist? The answer is “YES’”. You can create chrome plated finishes in your spray booth for a fraction of the investment of chrome electroplating or vacuum metalizing.


  • Commercial Chrome Services
  • Chrome Customizing
  • Automotive Chrome Services
  • Custom Chrome & Restorations
  • Coloured Chrome
  • Airbrushing & so much more

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